Awarded “Best Tour Operator 2016”
by Department of Tourism,
Government of Assam for
outstanding contribution
to the tourism sector of Assam.

Visualize yourself in a tea-plantation on a spring-scanted dusk, seated on the verandah of the tea garden bungalow, watching the evening melt at own speed into the hours of darkness. The fireflies dance in the air and around you. The silence is so thick that you can reach out and touch it. Only a few sounds ripple through this pall of quietness- distant baying of jackals, the sporadic song of cicadas or sound of the flapping wings of a bat out in quest of its dinner.

Tea plantation in Assam, unlike those in China or Japan for instance, are comparatively big, spanning hundreds of acre. Thus they offer you the spatial freedom to meander through them, watching the dappled sunlight filter through the shade trees and weave patterns of black and white on neatly pruned tea-bushes. Green, they say, is the colour which soothes the eye. A tea-plantation, literally, is a sight for sore eyes!

Take a peek into the life of the tea estate. See the colourful women pluckers as they chatter and sing while meticulously plucking the delicate two leaves and a bud. Enter the factory and get a first-hand knowledge of how tea is made. Learn the art of tea tasting from the masters. A fascination story that begins from the bush and ends in your cup! Assam plantations produce black tea, far different in taste and colour from the green tea made in China.

Experience in the luxurious bungalow that the British Manager and his memsahib enjoyed. Feel the ambience of colonial days as you relax in the period furniture and décor.

NOTE: Tea plucking & factories are closed from end of November to middle of March.