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Nongkrem Dance The Nongkrem Dance or Shad Nongkrem is held annually in November and lasts for five days.During three consecutive nights in the five day festival prayers are offered to Ka Pah Syntiew and U Suid Nia Tong Syiem for a good harvest, peace and prosperity of all people. On the fourth day a dance is performed by young Khasi men and virgin women, dressed in their traditional costumes and heavy gold ornaments in front of the Iing Sad (central House).

Shad Sukmynsiem The 3 day Khasi festival of Shad Sukumynsiem is a joyous celebration of thanksgiving – usually held in April. People dress in their traditional costumes during the three days of festivities.

Wangala Dance Wangala festival of the Garo’s is usually in the month of October after harvest. This is a thanksgiving festival and it is considered a taboo to take any crops from the jhum fields without performing the Wangala. The day of the celebration is fixed according to each village after the gathering their crops. There are two basic stages to the Wangala namely 1. Chu-rugala and 2. Chachat soa. Chu-rugala – is a very solemn ritual performed by the priest (kamal) followed by the burning of incense. Rice, being the staple food, is used in many forms for all the rituals. Only rice beer specially prepared can be used during this festival. Powdered rice paste is used to decorate the Nokma’s (Chief) house first, and then other houses in the village.

Chachat soa is the second stage. This ceremony starts again in the Nokma’s house where the sacred drum is kept. Rice is scattered all over the house symbolizing the rain and hail, the sowing season. Then incense is brunt and the smoke symbolize rain clouds. Throughout the ceremony drums and gongs (rang) are played A a meal is served followed by dancing in the Nokmas house which continues in the village throughout the night.

There is an annual festival conducted in Asanang (near Tura), during the second week of November.